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Year 1 Teacher

Mrs C Williams

Year 1 Teacher

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Year 1

General Class Information

Extra Information
Snack and dinner moneyUnfortunately, we will not be providing school snack anymore. Please ensure your child brings a healthy snack, preferably fruit, to school each day.

Dinners cost £2.20 a day and to be paid on-line in advance please.

Books and book bagsA new reading book will be sent home each week. Please note this will be new to them as the book they will have read in school will be different ( usually a stage above). Please listen to your child read as often as you can within the week. Please ask them questions about the book to check their understanding. Please write any comments, thoughts or questions in their reading diary.
Your child’s book bag with reading record and reading book is returned on their particular reading day, so that it can be changed and key words tested. Thank you.
P.E Your child’s PE kit is in school at the beginning of each half term. It will be sent home every half term for washing.
Water bottlesPlease can you send a water bottle in with your child as we encourage children to drink water throughout the day. The children’s Golftyn water bottles will stay in school Monday to Friday where they will be filled up and rinsed out throughout the week. The water bottle will be sent home on a Friday for a thorough clean and should be returned every Monday.
Please can you ensure that:
Key words Key words will be sent home weekly, words will be written in their reading diary. Your child will be given a maximum of 6 words at a time and will be tested once a week.

Learning Curriculum

  • Topic

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    Care for Me

    Parts of the body and their uses e.g. heart, lungs, stomach and brain.  

    The 5 senses – sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell.

    Caring for others/emergency services and their roles.

    Caring for animals.

    Keeping healthy – healthy foods, what to wear in different weathers, drinking water, exercise, tooth-brushing and keeping clean.

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  • Maths

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    • Counting up to 20 objects accurately.

    • Read and write numbers to 20 (and beyond).

    • Recite numbers to 100, with different starting points.

    • Partition numbers into tens and units.

    • Mentally recall numbers ‘1 more’ and ‘1 less’ of a number to 20.

    • Make sensible estimates and use estimation and checking with counting.

    • Use non-standard units when measuring.

    Sort and match objects using more than one criterion

  • English

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    English – Non-fiction writing.

    • Using a form modelled by an adult, to write for a range of different purposes.

    • Develop talk about what they are going to write.

    • Write words, phrases and letters which are correctly formed in shape and orientation.

    • Build phonemic awareness and develop a range of spelling strategies, including key word writing by sight.

    Use capital letters and full stops with some consistency.

Mr O’Loughlin’s Star Of The Week

Miss Coleman’s Star Of The Week

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Mr O’Loughlin’s class – DoJo Champion – Image result for dojo monsters

Miss Coleman’s class – DoJo Champion – 

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Thursday 25th October – School closes

Friday 26th October – Training Day

Monday 5th November – School opens

Friday 21st December – School closes for Christmas