Playground Behaviour Policy and Procedures

Mission Statement: At Golftyn we strive for excellence in education by providing a safe, caring family environment where we are all valued and respected as individuals enabling everyone to reach their full potential.


Our Playground policy is that:

– We are sensible at lining up.

– We are respectful to everybody.

– We are kind to the environment and always put our litter in the bin.

– We are responsible for the words and actions we use.

– We are careful when we are playing.

– We are respectful of school property.

– We are always good friends to each other.

How we promote positive behaviour in the playground:


– Identified members of teaching and support staff are ‘’on duty’’ at playtime and lunchtimes.

– Stickers (infants) and raffle tickets/house points (juniors) are given out to reward good behaviour.
– Staff on duty are on the playground before the children in the infants.

-Teachers ensure there are enough adults outside before sending their children out.

– A ‘first aider’ is based in the infant and junior wet areas throughout each lunchtime (Autumn/Winter) and a designated quiet area outside at lunchtimes (Spring/Summer).

– A teacher is based in the staff room.

– Senior staff are available to deal with any serious incidents.

Positive role models

– Adults need to follow the rules that are set in place for the children.

– Adults will play with the children to model positive attitudes such as tolerance, resilience and fairness.

– Adults supporting an identified child 1:1 actively try to involve them in games and play with other children.

– Adults will use positive language when talking to children about problems or conflicts; asking open questions such as “why do you think XXX is feeling unhappy? What happened to make XXX feel cross?; What do you think you should have done….?

– Adults will give both parties the chance to speak before deciding if any sanctions are necessary. Where appropriate the adult will give the children the chance to decide what sanction is appropriate.

-Playground buddies model positive play and help to mediate conflicts.

-Adults and playground buddies keep an eye on the buddy base (infants) and friendship bench (juniors) and seek to involve and ‘befriend’ any children who are sitting on it.

– At the end of playtime all adults remind children to stand at the first bell and WALK to their lines at the second bell.


Children will be given a warning and a chance to improve their behaviour but sometimes an immediate response will be called for and there will be times when a child or children need time to reflect on their behaviour.

There are 3 steps:

– Standing by the wall (juniors)/fence (infants) for 2 minutes watching other people play.

– Holding an adults hand (in the infants) if unable or unwilling to stand by the fence.

– Being sent to sit outside Mrs Cooper’s office to ‘think’ about their behaviour and filling out a ‘think’ sheet. (See attached).

Behaviour that leads to being sent to sit outside Mrs Cooper’s office:

  • When a child or children ‘‘loses control’’ and needs to be removed from the situation.
  • When a child is acting in a way that is a danger to themselves or others.
  • Aggressive or violent behaviour – verbal or physical e.g. kicking/ spitting/ hitting/ swearing.
  • Bullying behaviour – persistent incidences will be dealt with according to our bullying policy and procedures.
  • Deliberate breaking of our Playground Rules.



– A record is kept of children who are sent to sit by Mrs Cooper’s office. This records the nature of the behaviour that led to that point. This is monitored to check for patterns or ‘regulars’. Staff supervising the playground may also give class teachers a verbal account of incidents. Teachers will use their judgement of when to inform parents. Parents will be informed of any serious incidences or invited in to discuss patterns of behaviour.

– Positive lunchtime behaviour is reinforced and celebrated during whole school assembly each half term. A junior child’s name is picked out of a raffle to receive a prize and two children in the infants receive a lunchtime behaviour award, selected by the senior lunchtime supervisor.


Staying Safe

– Hi-visor jackets are worn by all lunchtime supervisors so that they are clearly visible to children on the playground/field.

– Some behaviours – swinging from the goal posts, throwing grass, rolling down the bank, handstands, cartwheels – are not encouraged but are monitored to ensure they remain safe and remain play based. As soon as there is a sign that things are going too far they will be stopped. Adults will use their professional judgement in this respect.

– Children are not allowed to stay inside without adult supervision.

– Children in the juniors only use toilets in classes 5/6 and Rec/Y1/Y2 to use infant toilets.