Our Home/School Agreement

Our promise through our

Home/School Agreement

         SCHOOL   promise to:

· respect all pupils

· ensure your child is safe and happy at school

· be approachable and welcoming

· teach the curriculum

· make learning fun

· meet the individual needs of your child

· ensure your child achieves their full potential

· keep you informed on your child’s progress

· inform you of any concerns

· keep you informed about school activities.

· keep our word

         PARENTS/GUARDIANS  – I/We promise to:

· ensure my child arrives at school on time and is

collected on time at the end of the school day

· ensure my child attends school regularly and will provide a verbal or written explanation if my child is absent

· support my child with their homework

· ensure my child is wearing suitable clothing and footwear for school

· ensure my child’s name is on their school clothing

· ensure my child has their PE kit in school on the days they are doing PE

· support the school’s procedures for behaviour

· ensure my child has no extreme haircuts

· ensure that my child has a packed lunch or the money to pay for a school dinner

· ensure that I regularly check my child for head lice and if detected will inform school

· keep our word.

         PUPIL – I promise to:

· respect all members of staff and pupils

· be polite and helpful to others

· help keep myself and others safe and happy

· always tell the truth

· do my school work and homework to the best of my ability

· keep my school tidy

· take good care of our school and its equipment

· follow instructions the first time.

· follow the playground rules

· keep our word