1. This policy describes the arrangements which will be put into place to make this school a safe and secure environment for children and adults with diabetes.
  1. Basic information about children with diabetes will be made available for all staff.  The child’s details will be with their class teacher and available to all staff on our ‘illnesses’ list.  Information about staff will be kept in the confidential medical file in the Head’s office.


  1. Staff will need to provide the school with a copy of their own Medical Plan and this will be shared with key members of staff in the area.


  1. The key health professional for children with diabetes is the Diabetic Special Nurse/ School Nurse.


  1. When a child is first diagnosed with diabetes the Diabetic Special Nurse will contact the Headteacher to discuss arrangements for the child’s care in school.


  1. When a child moves to a different area of the school the Diabetic Nurse will be invited in to talk to all staff who will come into contact with the child.
  1. The Diabetic Special Nurse will assist the school to draw up an individual health care plan for the child.  This plan will describe the specific arrangements to be made for each child with diabetes and state who is responsible for which action.
  1. Adults / Pupils’ need to eat outside mealtimes will be included in their health care plan.


  1. A quiet room or place of privacy will be provided for the child / adult with diabetes to do their blood glucose testing and insulin injections (medical room).


  1. Children with diabetes will often use insulin, syringes and blood testing equipment.  Where appropriate this equipment will be carried by the child.  In some circumstances the school will keep it safe by placing it in the refrigerator in the staff room.  This will be specified in the Health Care Plan.


  1. When children transfer from one school to another their health care plan should be updated for the circumstances of the new school prior to transfer.


  1. The class teacher will liaise with the parents, the child and other professionals involved with the child and will keep a copy of the health care plan.


  1. Where there is a child or staff member with Diabetes in an area of the school, training for staff will take place internally on an annual basis.