Golftyn Government Representatives

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Meet our Golftyn Government:

 Job Title
Prime Minister Grace F (Year 6)
Vice Chair Aaron K (Year 6)
Minister of Sustainability of the Planet Harrison P (Year 6)
Minister of Buildings and Grounds Damien C (Year 1)

Josie C (Year 3)

Minister of Parental Engagement Darcie B (Year 4)
Minister of Finance Connor M-J (Year 6)
Minister of the Curriculum William L (Year 5)

Molly B (Year 2)

Minister of Health and Wellbeing Jacob Ta (Year 3)

Seren E (Year 1)

Minister Fun Nicholas C (Year 5)

Darcie B (Year 4)

Minister of Helping Others Freya H (Year 5)

Ayva R (Year 2)

Madison H (Year 5)

Minister of Equality Liam W (Year 4)

The Golftyn Government have been working on a set of school rules from Nursery to Year 6. We have come up with 5 Golftyn Goals.

Our Golftyn Goals

golftyn goals poster

Anti-Bullying Leaflet devised by Golftyn’s Government 2018 and Revised by Parent Council March 2019