Eco Committee

Year 3 – Brooke Hughes

               Miley Butler

Year 4 – Callum Coleclife

               Summer Gaine, Libby Fook

Year 5 – Freya Thompson

               Charlie Marr

Year 6 – Kian Edwards

               Leon Procter

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Golftyn CP Eco-School Action plan 2019 – 2020

  • Target 1


    Target – To monitor the litter on school grounds and record amount of rubbish collected

    Action – Rotas for litter picking on times a week – Eco committee to make posters for the school

    Responsbility – Eco committee / Mrs Williams (supervising) / All pupils

    Timescale – ongoing

    Measurability – Monitor the amount of rubbish collected on a weekly basis and create data to highlight areas prone to litter

  • Target 2

    Paper recycling

    Target – Reduce the amount of paper being used

    Action – Photocopy on both sides where applicable

    Use of Schoop / Seesaw / Email to be able to make us a paperless school as much as possible

    Responsbility – All staff and pupils – Eco to monitor waste

    Expenditure – paper for data sheets and laminating pouches

    Timescale – ongoing

    Measurability – Compare how much paper is being ordered and used. Record  the amount of paper recycling bags that are being recycled weekly/fortnightly

    Target 2

  • Target 3

    Plastic recycling

    Target – To recycle all plastic especially milk bottles

    Action – Milk monitors to collect milk bottles each morning after snack – count before recycling – using the classes plastic data sheets to record

    Responsbility – Milk monitors / Mrs Williams supervising

    Timescale – ongoing

    Measurability – Keep a record of the amount of bottles being recycled each day/week/month. Records how much plastic is being diverted from landfill

  • Target 4

    School grounds

    Target – To increase birds and wildlife within the school grounds.

    Action – Each class to plant flowers in planters in their area to attract To make/buy bird boxes during Eco sessions/forest schools sessions. These are to be displayed around the school Introduce plants that attract butterflies and other insects.

    Responsbility – Eco committee / Mrs J Williams (Forest school leader) / Mrs Williams supervising / All pupils / Eco to be in charge of the upkeep

    Expenditure – Plants / bird boxes / bird feed / planters

    Timescale – ongoing

    Measurability – Compare the number of birds and wild life before and after introducing new habitats. Keep a log of birds and wild life visiting – record on iPad where possible Mini beast survey to be done in science lessons before planting, and twice a year after. Take pictures of the garden before.

    Target 4

How we are doing so far:

  • We are currently recycling on average 288 milk bottles a week which is over 11,000 per school year.
  • By using Schoop to send out newsletters we are saving at least one ream (500 sheets) per newsletter
  • Seesaw – the use of seesaw again has dramatically reduced the amount of paper we are now using
  • The installation of hand dryers in the children’s toilets has reduced the use of paper towels
  • We have reduced our overall waste from 4 (don’t know how many litres the binds are) bins to 1
  • We have been successful in taking part in an Eco Champions School project with Plas Derw where the children will be learning about Biodiversity, Climate Change, Sustainably and Eco champions.