Green flag award

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Congratuations to the Eco Committe – here is an extract from the letter from ‘Keep Wales Tidy’ about the award.

Dear Golftyn Eco-Committee,

I am delighted to inform you that your application for your Eco-Schools Green Flag award was successful. 

Many thanks for the huge effort that you have all made to get the information over to me so that I can virtually assess your school. I have absolutely loved watching the videos from Callum, Freya and Kian, you all spoke incredibly well and your passion for the environment and being an eco-member is very clear. You are obviously dong an excellent job in developing Eco-Schools within Golftyn Primary.

It was great to hear about the improvements that you have made within school and how sometimes a relatively small change can have a really big impact. Setting up plastic milk bottle recycling and food waste is a great example of this as you have managed to massively reduce the waste that you send to landfill. You have also significantly reduced the paper you use, which is a great achievement and one that you can keep building on. Maybe the next step in this area would be to see if the paper that you buy into school is recycled and if not, perhaps you could swap to one that is (there is very little difference in price these days), then you would be creating a true ‘circle’ with your paper use!

I was so impressed when I looked at your website to see how you have clearly put all your targets on there and kept it up to date; it is such a great way to share with the wider community and really positive if you can keep it up to date and relevant. I may signpost some other schools to your site for inspiration.

You have set up a really solid foundation with the Eco-Schools process and have effectively planned targets and measured your impact along the way. Please keep this up as it is exactly what we look for and will be fantastic to show your overall impact over the years that you are involved in the programme.

The award has been given with out recommendations, which is rare for me to do. You have everything running effectively so keep up the excellent work and keep progressing with your ideas and targets. My only suggestion is that you might find it useful to add an evaluation column to the end of your action plan so you can record at the end of the year how you have got on and the impact made so it is all in 1 place. This makes it easier to reflect back in future years.

The Green Flag award is a fantastic achievement. The school, staff and pupils should feel proud of their hard work and commitment. This is a great opportunity to celebrate success, as well as a chance to publicise your award within your local community. You may like to hold a flag raising ceremony and invite local media and dignitaries or perhaps issue a press release to your local press? You can download a press template from our website to help you – don’t forget to attach some photographs too. Social media is a fun and easy way of promoting your school. If you use twitter then why not tweet about your Green Flag? Send your pictures to @EcoSchoolsWales and @Keep_Wales_Tidy and we’ll make sure to retweet your achievements to over 12,500 people! Perhaps you have some celebrity past-pupils or local AM’s that you could tweet for support? It’s a great way of spreading your good news.

Bryony Bromley​
Uwch Swyddog Dwyrain
Senior Officer East
Cadwch Gymru’n Daclus | Keep Wales Tidy

Golftyn CP Eco-School Action plan 2019 – 2020

  • Target 1


    Target – To monitor the litter on school grounds and record amount of rubbish collected

    Action – Rotas for litter picking on times a week – Eco committee to make posters for the school

    Responsbility – Eco committee / Mrs Williams (supervising) / All pupils

    Timescale – ongoing

    Measurability – Monitor the amount of rubbish collected on a weekly basis and create data to highlight areas prone to litter

  • Target 2

    Paper recycling

    Target – Reduce the amount of paper being used

    Action – Photocopy on both sides where applicable

    Use of Schoop / Seesaw / Email to be able to make us a paperless school as much as possible

    Responsbility – All staff and pupils – Eco to monitor waste

    Expenditure – paper for data sheets and laminating pouches

    Timescale – ongoing

    Measurability – Compare how much paper is being ordered and used. Record  the amount of paper recycling bags that are being recycled weekly/fortnightly

    Target 2

  • Target 3

    Plastic recycling

    Target – To recycle all plastic especially milk bottles

    Action – Milk monitors to collect milk bottles each morning after snack – count before recycling – using the classes plastic data sheets to record

    Responsbility – Milk monitors / Mrs Williams supervising

    Timescale – ongoing

    Measurability – Keep a record of the amount of bottles being recycled each day/week/month. Records how much plastic is being diverted from landfill

  • Target 4

    School grounds

    Target – To increase birds and wildlife within the school grounds.

    Action – Each class to plant flowers in planters in their area to attract To make/buy bird boxes during Eco sessions/forest schools sessions. These are to be displayed around the school Introduce plants that attract butterflies and other insects.

    Responsbility – Eco committee / Mrs J Williams (Forest school leader) / Mrs Williams supervising / All pupils / Eco to be in charge of the upkeep

    Expenditure – Plants / bird boxes / bird feed / planters

    Timescale – ongoing

    Measurability – Compare the number of birds and wild life before and after introducing new habitats. Keep a log of birds and wild life visiting – record on iPad where possible Mini beast survey to be done in science lessons before planting, and twice a year after. Take pictures of the garden before.

    Target 4

How we are doing so far:

  • We are currently recycling on average 288 milk bottles a week which is over 11,000 per school year.
  • By using Schoop to send out newsletters we are saving at least one ream (500 sheets) per newsletter
  • Seesaw – the use of seesaw again has dramatically reduced the amount of paper we are now using
  • The installation of hand dryers in the children’s toilets has reduced the use of paper towels
  • We have reduced our overall waste from 4 (don’t know how many litres the binds are) bins to 1
  • We have been successful in taking part in an Eco Champions School project with Plas Derw where the children will be learning about Biodiversity, Climate Change, Sustainably and Eco champions.