Registering New pupils

Due to the COVID19 pandemic things are a bit different at the moment. However, we are doing everything we can to make the registration process as easy as possible under the circumstances, to ensure we provide you with as much information as possible before we are able to meet you and your child.

Please read on for further information.

New pupils starting in Nursery or Reception class in September 2021

Please click on this link to apply

Applications are made via Flintshire County Council – they will process your application and they inform us here at Golftyn sometime next April/May.

Next April / May we will ask you to start the registration process by filling in the forms below etc.  You do not need to do this yet.


Other new pupils

  • If you would like your child to attend Golftyn school but have not yet made an application, please see the section below ‘How To Apply For Your Child To Attend School’.

  • If you have already applied and received confirmation of your child’s place from Flintshire County Council and have spoken to a member of school staff or received an email from us here at Golftyn please see ‘What to do now’