Reception Ready – Are you ready for Reception?

Can you complete all of the things on the table below? Tick them off when you can do them confidently and keep a record of your progress.

Language, Literacy and Communication Maths and Numeracy Independence in personal care Speaking and Listening
*Find, identify and make their own name from letters, blocks, cards etc. *Say numbers 1 to 10 in the right order  Use the toilet completed unaided and wash hands correctly *Follow a 2 part instruction e.g. put toys away and wash your hands
*Hold a pencil correctly using this grip… *Recognise the numbers

0 to 10 when they are not in the right order

*Take off and put on own coat and fasten it *Share toys with others
*Write their own name *Take turns in a game *Take off and put on jumper, t-shirt, shirt/trousers/dress including putting shoes on the right feet *Hold books correctly and listen to a story read by an adult.
*Make up or retell the main parts of their favourite story *Write numbers 1 to 5 the right way around *Can open packets independently (crisps, biscuits, yoghurts) and peel fruit to eat *Able to talk about themselves and express their needs.