Parent Council

The Parent Council started in January 2016, we are a group of parents who have volunteered to meet regularly, to work in partnership with the school, and there are parents from each of the school year groups.   One of the first things we decided on was a constitution which outlines the objectives of the parent council;

  • To provide a voice and take up issues which are a concern to parents.
  • To support and encourage parents to be more involved in their child’s education.
  • To support the school to effectively communicate to parents what’s happening in school.
  • To be a useful sounding board to school leadership.
  • To actively encourage parents to get involved and participate in enhancing the school environment.

We meet every half term and have been really busy in trying to make a difference within the school community.  The members of the parent council can be easily approached by other parents this makes for an easy line of communication between parents and school. Some of the things which we have been involved in to date are:

  • Noticeboards – around the school building – school information, on things like school dinner menus, PE days, activities, Chatterbox group, this has allowed information to be easily viewed by parents.
  • We recently broached how busy morning drop off are at school and suggested a way to resolve this – that parents are to leave their child at the doors rather than parents entering school – this was implemented really quickly and the feedback has been very positive. Parents have commented that the children going into the building without parents has actually strengthened the morning routine and made drop offs a lot easier.
  • Recently we have been visited by a representative from the Highways department who has discussed proposals to put in place traffic calming measures around the school. At present these are only proposals but we do hope it might resolve some of the traffic and parking issues near school and make it a safer environment for our children.
  • Parents have raised that they had problems with the dinner and snack money not going to the right place – the parent council suggested about using the letterbox to drop off money. This was put in place and has worked well.
  • Moving on with finances the school have implemented the online payment system for school dinners, breakfast club and trips, there has been some interest in this and those parents who have used it are really happy with the ease of payment. We have suggested that snack money should also be able to be paid this way. This is now being done.
  • Recently we have looked at the attendance policy and discussed ideas of how the school could improve the current pupil attendance. We have explored some recommendations and fed back our suggestions relating to the current attendance policy.
  • Last year we distributed questionnaires to all families asking about skills that they feel they could share with the school, the idea of this was to get parents, grandparents and carers involved in the school to share and utilise their valuable skills.
  • We have been working hard to organise the DIY SOS day which will help brighten up and tidy up the outdoor area. Unfortunately due to the weather this was cancelled in October but it has been re-scheduled in May.
  • The DIY SOS has also been a great opportunity to create and strengthen links with business and organisations in the community – many of these have donated resources and prizes for this day.

Parent Council members

Friends of Golftyn (Previously called Parents’ Association)

Friends of Golftyn assist the school in any possible way, through social and community activities, to raise funds for the provision of equipment which is not normally provided by the Education Authority.  

Membership of the association is open to all persons who live within the area of Golftyn School. The committee is elected at an annual general meeting.

For 24 years the Parents’ Association was run by Mrs Karen Dix who along with other volunteers raised over £120,000 before her retirement from the PTA.  This is a fantastic amount which has been used to provide essential supplies for Golftyn school.

We are currently looking for new volunteers to join Friends of Golftyn.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact the school office.

 Your help is greatly appreciated.