If you would like to speak to the

Chair of Governors

please telephone school on

01244 830569

Mr Neil Cottrell

Mr Neil Cottrell

Chair of Governors
Mr Chris Risley

Mr Chris Risley

Vice Chairperson

Current List of Governors

FullName Governor Type Term of Office From Term of Office To
Dawn Bayliss Parent 08/12/2021 08/12/2025
Emma Cadwallader Parent 06/11/2019 06/11/2023
Nicola Cooper Head Teacher 17/09/2012
Neil Cottrell Community 14/12/2015 14/12/2023
Jenny Gray LEA 20/11/2019 20/11/2023
Emily Hobday Teacher 10/07/2018 10/07/2022
Laura Lea Parent 06/11/2019 06/11/2023
Jessica Reynolds Clerk 18/10/2021 18/10/2025
Chris Risley LEA 02/03/2022 02/03/2026
Beverley Tasker Parent 14/12/2015 24/01/2024
Claire Thompson Teacher 02/06/2014 10/07/2022
Jeannette Williams Staff 03/11/2020 03/11/2024
Jai Wright Community 19/10/2016 19/10/2024

Annual Report To Parents From The Governing Body 2020/2021









Golftyn Primary School is in Connah’s Quay in Flintshire local authority. Most pupils live locally. Currently, the school has 426 pupils aged from three to eleven, including 33 in the nursery who attend on a part-time basis. There are 16 classes.

Around 20.4% of pupils are eligible for free school meals. This is above the Welsh national average (18.4%). The school has a very few pupils who are looked after by the local authority. The school identifies that around 14% of pupils have additional learning needs.

Three pupils have a statement of educational needs. English is the main home language of most pupils. Very few pupils come from an ethnic minority background. No pupils use Welsh as their first language. A few pupils receive support for English as an additional language. The school has not excluded any pupils within the last year.

The Headteacher took up her post in September 2012. Estyn last inspected the school in October 2016. A copy of the report is available on the school website (golftyncp.wales)

The individual school budget per pupil for Golftyn C.P. School in 2020 means that the budget is £3445 per pupil. The average amount per pupil in the primary schools in Flintshire is £3892.

This report has been prepared by the Governing Body of Golftyn C.P. School for distribution to the parents of all registered pupils at the school.  It provides information about the Governing Body and its work during the school year 2020/2021.





What is the Role of a Governor?

A Governor is someone who:- •       Is a volunteer

•       Cares about teaching, learning and children

•       Represents those people with a key interest in the school, including parents, staff, the local community and Flintshire County Council

•       Is part of a team which accepts responsibility for everything a school does

•       Has time to commit to meetings and other occasions when needed

•       Is willing to learn

•       Is able to act as a critical friend who supports the school but also challenges and asks questions about how the school works and the standards it achieves

•       Acts as a link between parents, the local community, Flintshire County Council and the school

Each Governor is appointed to serve a four-year term of office.  When a parent governors term of office ends all parents within the school receive a letter advising them that a vacancy has arisen. If a parent would like to be a governor they must complete a nomination form signed by 2 other parents and hand it in to the school office. If there are more candidates than vacancies then an election takes place. There are 18 members of the Governing Body made up as follows: –

5 Parent Governors elected by parents of pupils     4 Governors chosen by the L.E.A.

2 teachers elected by teachers at the school

1 staff member elected by staff at the school (A non-teaching staff member)

4 Governors chosen and co-opted by the other members of the Governing Body

1 representing Connah’s Quay Town Council

The Headteacher

The Governors meet at least once every term to receive and discuss the Headteacher’s report and to discuss issues relating to the management of the school.   The Governors are also involved in a whole range of activities concerning the school.   These include: –

Staff appointments

Budget control




The whole of the Governing Body are involved with these issues.

Parents are able to petition the Governing Body to hold a parent’s meeting pursuant to section 94 of the School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013. No meeting was required during 2017/18.



Governors have not reviewed any policies due to covid limiting meetings.


 The school prospectus can be viewed on the school website or parents may request a copy from the school office.

The Clerk to the Governors is Mrs Ann Weigh, School Business Manager who can be contacted at school. If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors please contact school who will pass a message on.

The full Governing Body their category and term of office is as follows: –

NAME                                                                   CATEGORY                                        TERM ENDS

Mr N Cottrell (Chair of Governors)                 Community Governor                        14.12.23

Miss L Davies                                                     Parent Governor                                  28.02.21

Mrs L Lea                                                             Parent Governor                                  06.11.23

Ms E Cadwallader                                               Parent Governor                                  06.11.23

Mrs B Tasker                                                       Parent Governor                                  24.01.24

Vacancy                                                                 Parent Governor

Vacancy                                                                 Community Governor

Mr J Wright                                                          Community Governor                        19.10.20

Miss G Harrison                                                  Community Governor                        07.10.22

Vacancy                                                                 LEA Governor

Mrs J Gray                                                            LEA Governor                                     20.11.24

Mr C Risley (Vice Chair)                                  LEA Governor                                     01.03.22

Vacancy                                                                 LEA Governor

Vacancy                                                                 CQTC Rep

Miss E Hobday                                                    Teacher Governor                                10.07.22

Miss C Thompson                                               Teacher Governor                                10.07.22

Mr J Tranter                                                         Staff Governor                                     11.07.20

Mrs N Cooper                                                      Headteacher

Mrs A Weigh                                                       Clerk




Training Day Wednesday 1st September
School Opens Thursday 2nd September
School Closes (half term) Thursday 21st October


Training Day Friday 22nd October
School Opens Monday 1st November
School Closes (Christmas) Wednesday 22nd December


Training Day Thursday 6th January
Training Day Friday 7h January
School Opens Monday 10th January
School Closes (half term) Friday 18th February
School Opens Monday 28th February
School closes (Easter) Friday 8th April



School Opens Monday 25th April
School Closed (May Day) Monday 2nd May
School Closed (In Lieu of

Jubilee Day)

Tuesday 3rd May 3
School Closes (half term) Thursday 26th  May
Staff Training Day Friday 27th May
Staff Training Day Monday  6th  June
School Opens Tuesday 7th June
School Closes Wednesday 20th July

All training dates are subject to change


 The classes for 2020/2021 were organised as follows:-


Infants                         –           7 classes

Lower Juniors             –           4 classes

Upper Juniors              –           4 classes

Pupil Numbers in 201202021 were as follows: –

Full time                     –           393 pupils

Part time (Nursery)     –             33 pupils




Through careful management the Governors have ensured the needs of the school have been met in full.   It is encouraging to be able to report that we had401 full time and 55 part time pupils at the school.

The day-to-day finance management of the school budget is carried out by the Headteacher and School Business Manger.

Budget matters are considered at every meeting of the Governing Body Finance Sub Committee and reports, projections and expenditure reviews are considered.

The LEA delegated budget for the school for 2020/21 was £1,354,288

School received a Education Improvement Grant of £24,412 and a Pupil Deprivation Grant of £89,900 from the Welsh Assembly Government. These grants were used to benefit pupils in a number of ways including:

•      Developing a welcoming and practical family learning environment and carrying out the chatterbox literacy and numeracy programme for foundation phase parents.

•      Providing a learning coach to mentor and support pupils and to improve their self esteem.

•      To develop and utilise outstanding teachers across the federation of schools and to incorporate literacy and numeracy teaching into all subjects.

•      Running a homework club for junior pupils.

•      Delivering catch up, jolly phonics, RM Maths and MAT interventions.

Connah’s Quay Town Council continues to support the school by providing the children with milk every day.   The school also receives a sum of £5 a day for distributing the milk, we are very grateful for their support.

The Parents Association has been unable to hold events this year due to covid.


2019/2020                                                                                                                     £

ANNUAL BUDGET  (including £49,242 carried                 1,506,739              forward from 2019/2020)

Government Grants                                                                 349,823



            EMPLOYEES (Teachers and other Staff)                              1,442,411

PREMISES (Rates, Grounds Maintenance, Energy)                  49,412

TRANSPORT                                                                                     65

SUPPLIES (Telephones/Capitation)                                           47,222

LEA SUPPORT COSTS                                                             66,326

Carried over to 2021/2022                                                           251,126







The school and Governing Body encourages regular attendance in a number of ways: –

An individual pupil with 100% attendance for the year receives a certificate.

A class with 100% attendance for a full week receive an extra 10 minutes play.

The class with the best attendance for the term receive the School Attendance Cup.

Parents are regularly informed of holiday dates and encouraged to take annual holidays during school holidays.

Mrs Shelley Jones the school’s Inclusion Welfare Officer monitors punctuality and we ask parents to ensure that the children are in school in good time each day.

This year a termly letter has been sent out to all parents outlining their child’s attendance, class attendance and whole school attendance.  


Average attendance for 2020/21 is not reported due to covid.

When we do not receive an explanation for an absence of a pupil, the pupil receives an unauthorised absence. Unauthorised absences also include: – attending weddings, hairdressers etc.  The school does not condone unauthorised absences and every attempt is made to check up on absences – including visits from the School’s Inclusion Welfare Officer (IWO), Mrs Shelley Jones.



All admissions to the school are operated by the Admissions department at Flintshire County Council and applications should be made via their website. An accessibility plan is put in place for any children with a disability and this is reviewed annually.


Pupils transferred to the following High Schools: Elfed, Connah’s Quay, Flint High, Richard Gwyn, Hawarden High, Mold Alun and West Kirby Grammar.


Golftyn is an English Medium School which teaches Welsh as a second language. Information about the curriculum at school is contained in the school’s prospectus.  The prospectus is updated annually.


School provides Drinking Water Fountains for each Key Stage and these are available all day. Curriculum topics include work regarding good health e.g. I’m Alive in Foundation Phase and Staying Alive in Key Stage 2. School have now achieved Healthy Schools Award 5 and are working towards Phase 6.

School provides all children in reception class with a free water bottle on entry and replacement bottles are available to purchase from school. All children are allowed to bring in healthy snacks for break time (no sweets or crisps).


Four sets of toilets are provided for pupils all of which were replaced by Flintshire County council during 2012. These toilets are cleaned during and at the end of every school day. Toilet facilities and cleanliness are regularly monitored by the caretaker. They are kept well supplied with toilet roll, paper towels and soap.



plan to enable access for all.



The Governor with responsibility for monitoring the school’s additional needs policy is Mrs Jenny Gray. The schools ALN policy is available on the school website.

The school has continued to provide support for pupils needing extra help.  We have also continued to use expertise from beyond the school to help with assessment and provide advice for teachers. In 2020/21 there were 55 children on the ALN register.

Regular reviews are held for children on the additional needs register. Parents are invited to the reviews.  A number of children have been recommended for statutory assessment and have received a formal statement of their additional needs.

ALNCO – Mrs J. Hewitt                      ALNTA – Mrs C. Phillips



Equality Strand  Action  Monitored by whom?  Who is responsible for implementing?  Timeframes 
All Update, publish and promote the Equality Plan in an accessible format. Consultation group, meetings and annual review. Headteacher, Governing Body. 2019-2023
All Continue to ensure that displays in classrooms and corridors promote diversity. Provide designated area for specific display. Increase in pupil participation,

confidence and positivity – monitor through PSE.

Headteacher,  CPH PSE,

class teachers.




term each year.

All Identify respond and report discriminatory incidents out -lined in the plan. Report

the figures to the Governing Body/ LEA on a termly basis.



Governing Body will use the data to assess the impact of the school’s response to incidents i.e. have whole school/year group approaches led to a decrease in incidents, can repeat perpetrators be identified, are pupils and parents satisfied with the response?

Headteacher, Governing Body. October,

February, May each year

Religion To develop All teaching staff Headteacher, 2019

The school promotes the individuality and independence of all pupils, we have a three year

and Belief awareness of radicalisation amongst all staff. to attend

Prevent training.

Disability To address issues from School Access


Headteacher and governors

will identify

issues. ALNCo will meet with outside agency advisors.

Necessary work will be planned for/requested by Headteacher.

Headteacher,  Governors,  ALNCo. 2019-2021 annual update
All To develop the Four Purposes across the school so that all pupils will be:

•       ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the World

•       healthy, confident individuals who are ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society

Headteacher, SMT All staff 2019-2022




To attend relevant training and review practices and teaching as appropriate. A member of

staff will attend relevant training. Protocol for dealing with gender issues will be established.  Statements relating to relevant protected characteristics will be included in Bullying, Behaviour and PSE policies.  PSE Scheme of work will be reviewed and changed as necessary



Members of

PSE Team

All To carry out Equality Impact Assessment on all new and reviewed policies. When a new

policy is written or an existing policy is




Members of



Golftyn offers a wide variety of enrichment activities to broaden pupils learning and knowledge. During the last year many of these have not been able to go ahead due to covid. We have managed the following:

Clubs: Golftyn Government, Eco Club, Breakfast, After School

Visitors to school

Bikeability                                                       PC visits via Teams

Lego Workshops                                             Online pantomime

Hedd Wynn Online Performance                    Spectrum – Rights of the Child

High School visited for transition                   Lorax Theatre Show Live                    Mindfulness Virtual Training                      Play Leader training

Trips: No trips took place


Other Achievements: Welsh Online Jambori, Guitar and violin lessons online



Golftyn has a great sporting tradition and pupils are offered a variety of opportunities to join in. Again due to covid competitions were not able to take place


The school was inspected in 2016 and received a very favourable report. Our outcomes, provision and leadership were judged to have many strengths and no important areas require significant improvement. The report states that pupils make strong progress over their time at Golftyn. Standards of pupil wellbeing are high. They found that teachers provide enjoyable, challenging learning experiences for pupils and move learning along at a good pace. Also that the curriculum is supported well by many visits, visitors to school and extra curricular activities.

The Headteacher was judged to provide strong and effective leadership. The Governing Body supports and challenges the school well.

Following inspection our recommendations are:

  • To improve attendance
  • To improve feedback to pupils
  • To use data effectively to track progress over time
  • To ensure self evaluation focuses on pupil outcomes



Governors appreciate the contributions given by local industries/shops. Many people have given freely of their time.

School participate in community events whenever possible and welcome visitors into school

The Parent Council was unable to meet this year due to covid.



There were no results for this due to COVID.