Nursery Ready – Are you ready for starting school?

Parents often ask us how they can help their child get ‘ready’ for starting school. Here are a few things you can work on between now and your child starting at Golftyn.

Please use this information to help you and always talk positively about starting school to your child even though you are probably feeling extremely nervous!

Language, Literacy and Communication Maths and Numeracy Independence in personal care Speaking and Listening
*Recognise their own name for their coat peg

*Are familiar with numbers in songs and rhymes.

*Can use the toilet completed unaided and wash hands correctly

*Parents talk about routines and what will happen in nursery…

Play, have snack, have story, go home.

*Share stories and rhymes as much as possible with parents *Take turns in a game and understand ‘my turn, your turn’

*Put on and take off own coat

*Share toys with others

*Talk clearly so I am understood by everyone

*Recognise numbers 1, 2 and 3

*Take off and put on jumper and shoes

*Able to talk about things they enjoy

Good Luck – Let us know in September how you get on!