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  • Kingswood Kit List 15th March 2018
    Kingswood Visit Packing list Please use the following checklist to help pack bags: (please put your child’s name on all items of clothing) One bath towel Toiletries bag containing: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hairbrush etc Night clothes Socks and underwear T-shirts Jumpers, hoodies Three pairs of trousers and/or jeans and/or tracksuit bottoms Waterproof jacket (and trousers […]
  • Easter Bingo and non uniform day 8th March 2018
      Non-Uniform day tomorrow -  Friday 9th March Please send donations of Easter eggs or Chocolate for Easter bingo and tombola prizes please   Bingo Night is on Monday 12th March -  Golftyn School Hall  DOORS OPEN 6PM -  EYES DOWN 6.30PM £5 per person per seat for 5 games of Bingo -  Please book your seats on School […]
  • Easter Bingo night 8th March 2018
  • Cardiff Trip 5th March 2018
    Dear Parents and Guardians, Cardiff Trip We have been offered the opportunity to take 35 pupils on a one-night trip to Cardiff on Tuesday 20th November, returning on Wednesday 21st November. We are offering this trip on a first come first served basis to pupils who will be in Year 6 during the next academic […]
  • Triathlon 5th March 2018
    Dear Parents,                     We have been given the opportunity to take part in a triathlon; a sporting event consisting of swimming, cycling and running. The event has been organised by TATA Steel and will be held at Alun School, Mold on Thursday 5th July. The event is an ‘all inclusive’ event and so the children […]
  • Easter Bingo night 21st February 2018
    Easter Bingo - Monday 12th March – Eyes Down at 6.30pm in the School Hall (doors open from 6pm)  We are holding a bingo evening for pupils and parents, guardians and relatives, everyone is welcome!  (Pupils must be accompanied by an adult please).  On the night there will also be refreshments and a chocolate tombola. […]
  • Wepre Park Information 20th February 2018
    Please find below a message from the Friends of Wepre Park, if your child would like to enter the email address is:     At Wepre Park we are attempting to raise awareness and understanding of the humble Bee, some species of which are becoming endangered. The often unnoticed but sometimes unwelcome visitor to […]
  • Easter Chicks for Macmillan 9th February 2018
    Knitted Easter Chicks (to fit over a creme egg) To make the chicks you will need: Colourful Double Knit wool. A pair of needles UK Size 11 Orange felt for the beaks Black felt or thread for eyes. Cotton wool ball for the head Coloured ribbon to finish off.   ___________________________________________________________________ Cast on 26 stitches.  Knit […]
  • FCC School budget cuts - important message to all Parents and Guardians 5th February 2018
      Dear Parents, I have no doubt you are aware, from the press, of the pressures that Flintshire County Council (FCC) are currently under in setting their budget for 2018/19.  As a result of these pressures FCC are proposing a ‘cash flat’ settlement for schools. However, this is a real term cut of between 3 […]
  • Cambrian Aquatics Half Term Activity Programme 2nd February 2018
  • Nursery Applications for September 2018 2nd February 2018
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  • Deeside Leisure Centre Half Term Activity information 31st January 2018
  • GOLFTYN CP SCHOOL OFFER FOR 6TH FEBRUARY 2017 Aura Leisure & Libraries – Deeside Leisure Centre 23rd January 2018
    We understand the unforeseen school closure may affect and disrupted some parent’s capacity to work on this day and would like to help by offering our services in the way of a Sports Club at a 50% discount. The small charge is just to cover our operating costs. What Is On Offer – 5-11 years […]
  • GOLFTYN CP SCHOOL OFFER FOR 6TH FEBUARY 2017 from Aura Leisure & Libraries – Deeside Leisure Centre 23rd January 2018
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  • After School activities this term - new clubs added 18th January 2018
    DAY TIME SPAN AGE GROUP ACTIVITY TEACHER Monday 3.20pm – 4.15pm Year 4 Dodgeball Mr Peers   Monday 3.20pm – 4.30pm Year 6 Science Club Miss McKay   Tuesday 3.20pm – 4.15pm Year 5 Dodgeball Mr Peers   Tuesday 3.20pm – 4.15pm Year 3 with Digital wizard support   Coding Mr O’Loughlin Tuesday (starting 23rd […]