We are proud to be a KiVa school.

KiVa is a research based anti-bullying intervention originating in Finland. It has been based on research on bullying and experiences from earlier intervention programmes used around the world.

In Key Stage 2, the KiVa programme will aim to stop ongoing bullying, prevent new bullying incidents from occurring and reduce the harmful effects of victimisation through changing bystanders’ behaviour towards bullying.

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KiVa and KiVa (logo) are Registered Trademarks by University of Turku in European Union and certain other countries. Early Intervention Wales Training Ltd, Bangor University is The Official UK License Partner of University of Turku.”
Last academic year, we proudly announced Golftyn was becoming a KiVa school. This anti-bullying program involves lessons across Years 3-6 to improve awareness, and also tools to ensure that as a school, bullying is dealt with effectively should it occur. Here is a quick video update:
The learning walk in Summer term (13/06/22) involved visiting classrooms to observe KiVa lessons and to discuss the impact of KiVa with staff and children.  Below is a summary of findings based around some of the key questions asked during the learning walk.