Equality Plan 2016

Golftyn Primary School

 Strategic Equality Plan 2016- 2019

 Background Information in 2015-2016

Our school is a mainstream Primary school in Connah’s Quay with 438 children on roll and 17 teaching staff and 40 non teaching staff. 53% of our children are boys and 47% are girls, 18% are eligible for free school meals and 10% have additional learning needs. The children are mainly from a white British background.

  All of these staff and children, their faiths, cultures, communities and languages the school values equally.


We recognise and celebrate the fact that British and Welsh society is made up of people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. It is important that all pupils are prepared to live in such a society. The purpose of our Strategic Equality Plan (SEP) is to fulfill the duties to promote equality for all and embed fairness and equality at the heart of our school community and in all aspects of our school plans and policies. It is also a specific requirement of the public sector duties under the Equality Act 2010.


 The Equality Act 2010’s Public Sector Equality Duty came into force in April 2011and has three aims under the general duty for Schools. To have due regard of the need to:


  1. Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment, victimisation and other conduct

prohibited by the Act: by removing or minimising disadvantages suffered by people due

to their protected characteristics.

  1. Advance equality of opportunity between persons who share a relevant protected

characteristic and those who do not.

  1. Foster good relations between those with a relevant protected characteristic and those

who do not.


 In order to meet statutory requirements, this Strategic Equality Plan has been drawn up.


We will:

  • Raise awareness of the plan through staff meetings, assemblies, governing body meetings, parent/ carer consultations, and school newsletters.
  • Publish the plan on our website.
  • Ensure that hard copies are available on request.


This Strategic Equality Plan sets out our priorities for equality for 2016-2019


Review of progress and impact

We make assessment of children’s learning and use this information to track progress and attainment. As part of this process, we need to monitor achievement and uptake of gender, ethnicity, additional educational need and disability to ensure that all groups of children are making the best possible progress and take appropriate action to address any gaps. Group Education Plans (GEPs) will be set up to provide intervention groups for any issues arising.

We will review the Strategic Equality Plan annually and renew the action plan every three years.


 Equality Strands


Community Cohesion


Additional Learning Needs

Looked After Children





Strategic Equality Plan

Golftyn Primary School 2013-2016

Equality Strand Action Monitor Responsibility Dates Success Indicators Progress / Impact
All Publish and promote the Equality Plan through the school website, newsletter and staff meetings. Discussions with staff etc. Head teacher

Assistant Heads

March 2016 Staff are familiar with

the principles of the updated

Equality Plan and use them when planning lessons, creating classroom displays etc.

Staff confident to deal with equality issues.

All Highlight any potential inequalities in representation and voice of all staff. Ensure that all staff are able to voice any concerns. Head Teacher



Equality Strand Action Monitor Responsibility Dates Success Indicators  
All Ensure representation on the More Able and Talented register fully reflects the school population in terms of race, gender and disability. More Able and Talented

register analysed by race, gender and disability.

MAT Co-ordinator. Ongoing Analysis of Mat register.

PASS survey data.

All Ensure that displays in classrooms and corridors continue to promote diversity in terms of race, gender, ALN and


Increase in pupil


confidence and

positive identity –

monitor through PSWC/


Head teacher

Assistant Heads

Ongoing Increase in diversity shown on displays around school.

PASS survey data.

SEAL fully incorporated throughout the school and linked to assemblies.

Community Cohesion Visit a variety of different establishments and increase pupil awareness and understanding of different communities e.g: Mosque, community groups etc. Visits included in topic planning and school calendar. Class teachers

Subject Co-ordinators

Ongoing Increase in visits to establishments which promote diversity.
Community Cohesion School to work with other schools in the Consortium to ensure consistency in equality. Consortium Heads to meet regularly to discuss. Head teacher Ongoing Federation Council to create an Equality Plan and to review it.

Action plan in place.

Carry out an Equality Impact Assessment.

Gender To increase the amount of boys achieving level 5 in English and Maths at end of Key stage 2 (SDP 2015-16) Track data for boys. Head Teacher

Assistant Heads

Class teachers

Ongoing Updated on SDP

An increase in the number of boys achieving level 5 in English and Maths.

Race Identify, respond and report racist incidents.

Report the figures to the governing body.

Monitor amount of incidents. Head teacher Teaching staff are

aware of and respond

to racist incidents.

Consistent nil reporting is challenged

by the governing



Our objectives relate to all of the relevant protected characteristics and contribute to the General and Specific Duties of the Equality Act (2010)