Flintshire Families Affected by Imprisonment (FFABI)

Supported by North Wales FABI Programme.

As part of this group, we hope to reduce the stigma of having a family member in prison, raise awareness and work to support both children and families who are affected.

Having a parent or other family member in prison, can impact on a child’s sense of identity and how they interact with their family and community. Equally importantly, it can impact on their lives at school.  We can offer trained staff, raised awareness, support and advice.

Taken directly from Barnardo’s “Children affected by the imprisonment of a family member – A handbook for schools developing good practice”

“Children affected by parental imprisonment are one of the most vulnerable groups in society but their problems are hidden and their voices are not heard. They are more likely to have low educational attainment, have problems with mental health and at greater risk of becoming offenders themselves – the cost of not helping them is too high.”

Your Single Point of Contact is (SPOC): Miss J McPherson – Nursery Teacher and ALNCO