Aims of the School

The statement that best encapsulates Golftyn is ‘ Happy and Respectful We Aim High’

We aim:-

  • to help pupils to develop lively enquiring minds, to achieve an ability to question and debate rationally and to evaluated and make judgements and decisions
  • to educate pupils to apply themselves to tasks and to develop an aesthetic awareness
  • to help pupils acquire knowledge and skills which are applicable and relevant to their later life and their future employment
  • to help pupils use their language, both written and oral effectively
  • to help pupils develop and use mathematical, scientific and technological skills
  • to instil respect for religious and morals values and tolerance of other races, religion and ways of life
  • to help pupils understand the world in which they live and that independence and co-operation of individuals, groups and nations are an important aspect of life
  • to help pupils appreciate what their fellow man has achieved, and that man’s future hopes and aspirations are an important aspect of life

The school endeavours to achieve these aims through an atmosphere of mutual respect